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Manage Your Expectations

Manage Your Expectations

“Make a foul shot!” I yelled at the television screen as my favorite college basketball team clanked another free throw off the rim. My team was not meeting my expectations. “What’s hard about shooting 70% from the line?” as another shot hit the rim so hard I was convinced the backboard was going to break…

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Surviving Seasonal Depression

I often refer to fall as the death of summer. Personally, I hate fall. I hate the cold. I hate that it gets darker earlier – and earlier. I don’t even care for the fall décor and the creepy jack o’ lanterns that take over right after Labor Day. And while sometimes I make jokes about this season, and it’s only saving grace being the ever delicious pumpkin spice latte, for some people this time means the start of months of seasonal depression which is no laughing matter…

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Change Happens: 5 Strategies to Help You Handle It

Change. Such a relatively small word to be so scary sometimes. The definition of change is “to make or become different.” If you are anything like me then you are currently saying, no thank you, nothing around me needs to make or become different today, thanks anyways. But in reality, things around us are always changing…

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